Our Products

our products

LATISSE is the first treatment approved by the FDA grow fuller, longer lashes, effective for all age groups.  Noticeable results with daily application in 4 weeks, maximal growth in 16 weeks.
Blue Mussel Aesthetics carries both the small (3ml) and large (5ml) Latisse.
Oxygenetix is a breathable medical-grade line of foundations and moisturizers designed to heal your skin while it conceals imperfections.
Oxygenetix acne control foundation combines a time-released 2 % salicylic acid with oxygenating foundation synergistically treating and concealing acne breakouts.
Blue Mussel Aesthetics carries the oxygenating foundation make-up, moisturizer, and acne control foundation.

Sente focuses on profound skin rejuvenation powered by master hydrator, HSA.  Heparan Sulfate Analog ( HSA),  works like no other hydrator to replenish what skin loses with age.  Blue Mussel Aesthetics carries Dermal Repair Cream, Bio Complete Serum and both Invisible Shield Full Physical Sunscreens, un-tinted and tinted.

Advanced skincare backed by science.  Formulated by dermatologists, the high-potency formulas are concentrated in pure actives and proven to penetrate optimally into skin. Clinical-grade skincare is formulated to prevent future damage, correct signs of aging and protect healthy skin.  Blue Mussel Aesthetics carries an extensive range of SkinCeuticals products; including Cleansers, Antioxidant serums, corrective products, moisturizers and sunscreens.  For your perfect skincare needs, discuss your skin with our skincare experts.